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Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane

Want to qualify to operate a Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane competently? We provide all the training you need at a fantastic course price.

A Tower Crane is normally fixed to the ground or rails and even sometimes also to a building. Usually used when constructing large buildings, this crane gives a good balance of height and lifting capacity.  Usually the crane operator either sits in a cabin at the top of the tower or controls the crane by remote control.  In either case the operator works with a signaller (banksman) to ensure safe operation.


To operate a Crawler Crane safely you will need to learn how to load and control the crane correctly, recognising the crane signals, its capacity and the effect of shock loading. In addition, it is vital to understanding the out of service procedure as well as how to carry out routine maintenance and minor alterations to the crane, counterweights and lifting gear.


We offer best prices in UK. To book your course please call us on 01234 604 151 / 07771 812 418 or use our booking form.


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