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Lorry Loader

In England Forklift training allows you to achieve your dream of good work. It’s similar to other courses e.g. for cranes. A Lorry loader is a specialist device for which, in order to use it, a course or training is essential. The required qualification can be achieved in just 1 day of activity, involving both theory and practical instruction. This refers to Forklift training extended to include additional expertise.


The crane usually moves along a guided route and is used to shift a load in a restricted, designated area. A girder device is fitted to the crane and acts as a connecting bridge. The loader is electric powered. The ability to steer this specialist equipment, used for loading and unloading cargo, should be perfected as most mistakes made during its operation result not only in big costs but also affect the safety of other workers.


During normal operation of a lorry loader, a fear of heights may be an issue, as the operator is situated at considerable height depending on the size of the crane, its purpose and characteristics. We recommend Forklift training in the UK.


We offer best prices in UK. To book your course please call us on 02036 333 949 / 07914 342 269 or use our booking form.


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