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Dumper Front Tipping

Dumper Front Tipping Trucks are mainly used for construction and maintenance work. They enable the transport of dug up earth, sand, aggregate and rubble. They are a comfortable way to work as well as giving quick, problem-free transport to the designated area. However, it is essential to complete training on dumper trucks beforehand. Operating dumper trucks requires certain specific skills, which you can gain on a Forklift training course or forklift training as well as construction machinery training.


Available on the market is a whole variety of heavy duty, medium duty and ultra-light dumper trucks. Which one is required is determined by the type of work involved. Dumper trucks are used mainly on rough terrain, therefore they have to be suitable for heavy loads and complicated manoeuvres.


Employees that complete their certification for a Dumper Truck course and Forklift Course as well as for these types of heavy machinery, give themselves a better chance of getting a better job position and higher wages.


We offer best prices in UK. To book your course please call us on 02036 333 949 / 07914 342 269 or use our booking form.



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