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Bendi Forklift

A Bendi Forklift vehicle is also within the scope of Forklift training in England. Distinguished by a rotating load, they are designed for spaces with very narrow aisles. Manoeuvring a standard forklift in this kind of space would be much harder or even impossible. The Forklift course in the UK that we provide allows you to quickly master the new functions of this forklift, which is a tool not often encountered. Therefore, it’s really worth learning how to operate this machine, so as to compete for higher earnings and a better career. Operation of the rotating load requires practice, experience and above all the necessary certification, which we guarantee our clients.


In general, the skills required to use a Bendi Forklift and Flexi Forklift are similar to that of a standard forklift truck, although employers don’t like to assign this specific role to anyone inadequately qualified. A Forklift course in the UK increases your chance of promotion.


We offer best prices in UK. To book your course please call us on 02036 333 949 / 07914 342 269 or use our booking form.


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